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The atheist arse kissing is getting embarrassing

Arse kissing is not a recent phenomenon. It has probably been used since the dinosaurs (how else would a T-Rex convince anyone to help scratch himself? With those teeeeeny little arms) roamed the earth and I don’t see it disappearing any time soon. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t annoy me.

Recently on Twitter (I’m @fearblandness, hey, this is my blog, I can shamelessly promote myself) I’ve noticed an uprising in brown nosing kiss arse atheists and it’s making me vomit in my mouth a little bit. The Follow Friday posts are the worst. A particular online group of atheists constantly message each other like 13 year old girls seeing external validation.

‘#FF Follow this gorgeous atheist @insertnamehere, she’s so inspirational!’

Which is then followed by ‘Aww thanks! No YOU’RE the best!’ and so on and so forth. You’ve seen it happen on Facebook, and now I see it happening on Twitter.

You might think I’m being a jealous grumpy pants because I’m not part of their little club. I can assure you this isn’t the case. I’m only concerned that it’s making atheists on Twitter look clique-y and immature. You could accuse me of being the latter as I tweet about bodily functions a lot, but I never claim to represent a group.

Basically I’m trying to say that if you’re on Twitter and your name is ‘Atheist Avenger’ or something else equally ridiculous, keep your arse kissing to Facebook, where it belongs.

P.S. I totes want to thank Richard Dawkins for being such a strong and inspirational atheist. I ❤ him lololol!

Support Mr Jacob Fortin’s Book Kickstarter!

Jacob Fortin’s ‘The Good Atheist’ was one of the first atheist podcasts I ever listened to. I was weary that it would be a self congratulatory load of taurus excretus, but I was pleasantly surprised. Every week he manages to pump out quality material with his co-host Ryan or the delightful Carissa Hendrix. It’s funny, topical, crude, and intelligent, everything you want in a podcast. That’s why I’m more than happy to spread the word about Jacob’s campaign to get his book published and then go on a tour to meet up with all it’s readers.

His YouTube video’s viewers are a bit scarce but with the power of social media we can change that!

If you don’t feel like hopping on the ol’ Tube, here’s his website:

Also, if you donate, and express interest, he might draw your face into one of the characters. YOUR FACE!

So get cracking minions. Donate/help your little hearts out!