About me


B6F0DVECAAAkqa5  I’m a wannabe science rockstar. I’m of the mistaken and narcissistic Gen Y head-      space that people want to hear about my opinions.
These opinions include: religion,psychology, skepticism, feminism, literature,    science, media, disability, culture,biology and neuroscience.

  I’m currently completing my PhD in autism neuropsychology. I collect books faster than I can read them, I suffer from Vitamin D deficiency due to being indoors all the time (but I have a stunning moon tan), I wish I could time travel to meet Carl Sagan and adopt him as my uncle, and I smell of rich mahogany.

I also have a rad YouTube channel where I turn the camera on and speak fluently and academically* about various subjects: http://www.youtube.com/user/FearBlandness


  1. Hi! Thank you for the website. I have learnt a lot from viewing your YouTube channel, and look forward to reading your posts. You are not mistaken. People do want to hear your opinions. Have fun.

  2. Curious….Is an “Honors” degree equivalent to a Masters here in the states? Or Phd ?

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